What We Do

Mission Statement: Connecting our local food communities through common policy, strategic objectives and goals, to grow a healthy and secure local food system.

The Orillia Food Council is an organization comprised of community members from various sectors representing the food system, including: health, non-profit, agriculture, food business, citizens and advocacy organizations.

The Orillia Food Council was established in 2014 and has since animated public educational events, celebrations of local food and strategic initiatives to establish equitable food policies.

Our framework for current work and future action:

  • Advocate for the development and enhancement of government policy related to food security, sustainability and urban agriculture.
  • Enhance local food knowledge and food literacy in the community.
  • Provide support and advocacy for the enhanced development of the local food economy.

The Orillia Food Council endorses and works to bring action to the  Simcoe County Food & Agriculture Charter.